Thursday, October 28, 2010

Find Who Viewed Your Profile

Want to see who views your Facebook Profile? Have you ever had a feeling that someone was watching you, but you just can't pinpoint who it is? You can easily install a free Facebook traffic viewer which shows the most recent user profiles that have looked at your profile. Find who views your Facebook Profile easily with this tracking tool. It Is free to the public, so no need to pay an expensive fee to put this link on your Facebook profile. This will relieve all your question mark symptoms of Facebook!
Difficulty: Easy


  1. In order to see who views your Facebook profile, we will first need to get the tracking code. Visit the website listed here.
  2. Once you sign up for the Facebook tracker and download or insert the code. After, you can go ahead and login to your Facebook.
  3. Go to "Profile" and then click on the privacy option.
    Double click on "News feed and Mini-Feed Privacy". Now you should see many options such as pokes, messages, and viewing who has recently viewed your Facebook profile.